2019 Anthracite Family
Golf & Picnic
Reunion Event
Saturday, July 27th

Please see the great photos and videos from our events conducted in 2018 and 2017.  Click on the photo gallery below.

2019 Golf & Picnic Event

Family style picnic with catered dinner & morning golf event for those choosing to tee it up.

Picnic with Catered Dinner:  

Conducted at Lake Hideaway, Moscow, PA.

Families welcome to spend the entire day at Lake Hideaway.

You can sign-up for only the picnic event.

Lake Hideaway admission includes all-day recreation & family picnic privileges.

You can have your own family picnic (BYOF&B) in addition to our catered event.

Lake Hideaway hours: 11AM until 8PM.

Catered Dinner & Beverages served at 3PM under the pavilion.

Sign-up will begin in May 2019 - Website will be updated in May to open the portal for electronic sign-up.  A follow-up mailing will also be provided at that time for those wishing to sign-up via conventional snail mail.

Golf Outing Event

Scranton Municipal Golf Course

Early morning tee times to allow time for golf and the afternoon picnic.

Team scramble format same as last year.

Catered Dinner & Beverages served afterwards at 3PM at Lake Hideaway.

Lake Hideaway is 4.6 miles (11 minute drive) from the Muni.

All caliber players welcome.

Price will be posted in May when sign-up begins.  Not much different from last year.

Contact the Event Chairman

Ask the Event Chairman questions that you may have:

Anthracite Family Golf & Picnic Event

Scranton Municipal Golf Course

1099 Golf Club Rd. Mt. Cobb, PA 18436

Tee times will be in the early morning (~7:00AM - 7:30AM) for this 2019 golf event.

Lake Hideaway

701 McAndrews Road, Moscow, PA 18444

Website: www.lakehideaway.com

2018 Golf Outing Video

Check out this great video

2017 Event Video

Check out this great video

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